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These were my first ever published articles

I still keep these magazines, as magazines are a pretty cool thing to keep. Looking back, I was not really sure what I was doing, I just new I had to do it and I was genuinely happy writing about arts and fashion.

How cool was it, that I was given the chance to write about what was going on in Lisbon, from music to food, cinema to fashion, and other weird things I was then writing for Le Cool, under several names.

Without an agenda, no likes or follows involved (no money either but that's another question), just for the love of writing.

These two samples I wrote for DIF and ZOOT -the later does not exist anymore, as far as I am concerned and, yes, it was an advertorial piece, even though I didn't even try the lipsticks.

They date back to 2007 -I need to check on the covers but around 15 years ago, which make them vintage i guess. Well, enjoy the words. The pictures, I mean.

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