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Brands, words
and people or how pop culture is the fuel for life. That and great coffee.

Born and raised in Lisbon, I've lived in Africa and London, travelled a bit too much in Asia and moved back 'home' in 2018. 

You can find me writing from the best cafes
in town, usually early mornings when the sun shines outside and there is some shade inside.

I am an introvert so if I don't say hi, it means
I am in my Aquarius world or just grumpy. I've recently moved to the countryside and 
I am available to collaborate globally.


Hey you,

I am an experienced and well-rounded creative strategist, writer and meditation guide. My main focus is brands, people and projects that want to positively impact the planet, starting locally. I am media agnostic, open to learning, and my top skill is to bridge business and creativity, using people's language.


I am obsessed with turning complex lingo into
simple stuff people get.

Since a very young age that I am passionate about all-things words and stories - think of the kid with the notebook. I’ve studied Journalism but it was in the Ad world that I’ve developed my skills further, turning empathy into insights, well-crafted propositions and relevant communications campaigns. I love stories.


I’ve worked across the world on different categories and brands, from fashion to food, oil to sustainability. I've lived 3 years in Africa and 4 in London, where I was blessed to breathe inspiration from big names but also independent businesses. One grey day I quit my job to become a Yoga teacher and went to Asia. 

In 2018 I moved back to Lisbon and found Sorry, I am busy! (former Pause and Flow), a contemporary wellbeing project to inspire creatives to be more creative by learning to take care of themselves. If I manage to inspire one creative person to have a more balanced lifestyle and make their work work for them, I am a happy human. 

On the blog you will find examples of my writings, both in English and Portuguese, and some case studies of projects I've worked on. Blogs are not the perfect tool to segment work, so I trust your judgment here. One day I will be more consistent.

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